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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Hey my name is Rachel, and i love to hang out w/ my friends, mostley Torie,Jackie,Becky,Dan,Aaron,Mike,and Rachel R, & Colin cuz there really awesome, but anyways, i love to play sports, and i like to dance, i LOVE listening to music mostly Rap and SOME Hip Hop
::Pepsi or Coke:: Pepsi
::Shoes or Sandals:: shoes
::DVD or VCR:: DVD
::Summer or Winter:: Summer
::Spring or Fall:: fall
::Kiss or Hug:: kiss
::Chocolate or Vanilla:: chocolate
::Juice or Soda::both
::Capris or Shorts:: shorts
::Shower or Bath:: Shower
::Draw or Write:: Write
::Day or Night:: Night
::Food or Drink:: Both
::Britney or Christina:: Neither(they both suck)
::Ja Rule or 50 Cent:: 50 Cent
::Pizza or Spaghetti:: Pizza!!
::American Eagle or Abercrombie:: Abercrombie
::Chinese or Mexican:: chinese
::Burger King or McDonalds:: eww neither
::Pink or Purple:: PINK!!!!! i x3 pink
::Scared or Nervous:: Nervous
::Sad or mad:: sad
::Instant Messenger or Phone:: Instant messenger!
::Freedom or Happiness:: Happiness
::Get Even or Get Over It:: Get over it
::Brother or Sister:: Both
::Sink or Swim:: Swim..duh!
::Change your Past or know your Future:: change my past...
::Hot or Cold:: Hot
::Blonde or Brunette:: Brunette!!
::Radio or TV:: TV
::Mall or Movies:: MALL!!
::Silver or Gold:: Silver

I'll add a pic later

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Favorite Stuff

In this area i'll add a few things about myself

Favorite TV Show:SmallVille
Favorite Movie:Jersey Girl
Favorite Music:Rap and Hip Hop
Favorite Book:If I Die Before I Wake
Favorite Sports Team:Lakers
Favorite Food:Chicken
People I Most Admire:My Friends, and Family

Favorite Quotes

I don’t think you understand how hard
it is to talk to you as ' just a friend '
i wanna tell you how much you mean
'to me but i just [n e v e r can]


Love is a feelin
And sumthin a lil bit tinglin'
Love is neva wanting 2 part
Or doin sumthin out of the kindness of ur heart
Love is like a rollercoaster ride
And definantly not a matter of pride
Love is sharing
And alwayz caring
Love is sumthin not easily mended
Once it's been offended
Love is not easly found
Love is like a sweet, sweet sound
Love is the very best
When shared with all the rest

Hey Hope you guys have fun here in my site, i love you guys alot for visiting