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Cute Quotes are awesome!

~¨Twinkle, twinkle little star¨º ~
~¨So I'll know where you are¨º ~
~¨Gleaming in the skies above¨º ~
~¨Lead me to the one who loves me¨º~
What I need to find, Is someone to hold me tight...
What I mean is I want to be Somebody's somebody...
Someone's someone...Some sweet lover's lover
I wanna be that one
Someone faithful to someone faithful...Someone kind to someone kind to me
Somebody to somebody who loves me

iM sUrE uVe hEaRd tHat bEhInD eVeRy GrEaT gUy tHeRES a gReAt GiRL
WeLL hAve u HeArD tHat bEhInD eVeRy GrEaT gIrL
..ThErEs a GuY sTaRiNg aT hEr AzZ..

I *TeLL* him [EvErYtHiNg]...But -WHY- can't I ((TeLL)) him he means
^EvErYtHiNg^ to ¤.ME.¤?

Why are we still friends
When everything says
We should be more than we are
And tell me why
Everytime I find
Someone that I like
We always end up just being friends...

I need that guy who can make me laugh just by the way he says hello when I
pick up the phone. The guy who makes my hands shake when I'm sitting next to
him. And the guy who isn't afraid to keep hugging me when Im not ready to let
go yet

*Do U eVeR wOnDeR WhY i TuRn AwAy WhEn u LoOk At Me.. NeVeR wAnTiNg Ur EyEs
To SeE.. tHiS HeArT tHaT KnOwS HoW PeRfEcT We cOuLd Be*

Sometimes I wonder what you think of me...Or if you even do at all...

FeAr Of ReJeCtiOn KePt My LoVe InSiDe
ToLd My HeArT i DidN't WaNt U bUt i LiEd
I dOnT cAre iF yOu ThiNk Im CrAzY
iT dOeSnT mAtTeR iF iT tUrNs OuT bAd
IvE gOt No FeAr Of LoSiNg YoU
*YoU cAnT LoSe WhAt YoU nEvEr HaD*

God sent me an angel from the heavens above
Sent me an angel to heal my broken heart from being in love...
Cuz all I do is cry..God sent me an angel to wipe the tears from my eyes..

There are people who take the heart out of you..and those who put it back

|t'S we|rD hOw SomEt|mEs tH|ngS JuSt HaVe tO hAPPeN tO sEE hOw yOU aCtUaLLy
FeeL aBoUt sOmEOnE..

All I'm asking for is one night together. Just you and me. All alone. And if
you can honestly say you don't feel anything for me after that night, I will
finally let you go

I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be
someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them

I wiSh I hAd a MaN wHo woUlD tReaT mE rIGht CaLl mE, n' B wIt mE dAy n NigHt
cUte n' sWeEt tHas JuS wHaT I NeEd TaLl anD sTrOnG tO PrOtEcT Me fRoM WrOnG
sOMeonE WhO wOnT diTch Me fOr sOME OtHeR tRAMp & wIlL AlwaYs lOvE mE FoR whO
I am

Everybody knows that yeah I'm kind of shy
I'm not the kind of girl that who can ever approach a guy
But I wanna find a way to get you to notice me..
not everything in this magical world
- is wat it seems -

disz mamii gOt tha sexxi eyEz wit tha
gOrGeOuS bOdy // juSz a SweeT LiL
angel wit dah urge tO be * naughtiie *

B e a c h V o l l e y b a l l
You Cant Beat Me In This Game!

a smile can turn the grayness blue
a smile can say i love you too
a smile can melt any young girls' heart
then how come your smile still tears me apart?

*So Ur A mAn?
BuT a MaN iS a KiNg!
A kInG iS a RuLeR!
A RuLeR iS 12 InChEs!
r U sTiLl A mAn?*

I don't know the key to success,
But the key to failure...
Is trying to please everybody.

sOme peOple just have thOse daiiz..
but i just seem to have that life..

`• - » dOnt tell me the skys the limit wen
there are f0ot prints on the moon « - • ´

~*PrEtTy iN pInK
BeAuTiFuL iN bLu
GoRgEoUs iN gReEn
aNd a LiL sExI tOo
iT dUn MaTtA wUt CoLoRz oR sTyLeZ i RoCk
CoZ u HaTaZ wILL nEvA hAvE wUt i GoT!*~

Heaven for the climate
Hell for the company

If you look inside a girl's heart and see
how much she cries you'll find secrets, bestfriends and lies,
but what you'll see the most is
how hard it is to stay strong when nothing is
right and everything is wrong

-(`v´)-«..theres no such thing as a playa..
..just little boys scared to get hurt..«(`v´)-«

. n e v e r . let yesterday* s
[ m i s t a k e s ]
overshadow tomorrow* s
[ d r e a m s]

*..ThOsE hOt SuMmEr NiGhTz..*
* n* cUtE LiL FLiNgZ..hAhA bOyZ
. • ×l[(iTz A gUrL tHiNg)]l× • .
-*::x It's a Long [Road] x-*::
x 2 Face the World [Alone] x

unless you`ve lived my life dont judge me
cuz you dont - never have - an never will
know what its like tO bE tHe 1 n OnLy Me

::Some say
That time changez::
::Best Friendz
Can become strangerz::

Ups and Downs
Without ANY Doubts

:*cInDeReLlA wAlKeD oN bRoKeN gLaSs*:.
aNd SlEePiNg BeAuTy LeT a WhOlE lifEtImE pAsS
.*:LiFe Is BlOoD,sWeAt aNd TeArS
*:.LoVe MeAnS [fAcInG aLl YoUr FeArS]..

x hOld On tO wHat yOu lOvE
O sTay tRu tO wHat yOu knO
x tAke eVrytHinq yOu dReAm oF
O aNd nEvEr -- LeT iT gO --

Everyone wants happiness..
Noone wants pain..
But you can’t have a rainbow..
Without a little rain*

This grL right heRe aint 0ne t0o give up
i'll d0 w.e it tAkes t0 kEep mi heAd up

jack and jill went up the hill
and planned to do some kissing,
jack made a pass and grabbed her ass,
and now his front teeth are missing!

LiFe TaKeS YoUr DrEaMs
-N- TuRnS eM UpSiDe DoWn
fRiEnDs TaLk ShYt BoUt YoU
WhEn YoU AiNt ArOuNd
PeOpLe MaKe PrOmIsEs
ThAt ThEy JuSt DoNt KeEp
I'vE CoMe To rEaLiZe
(T.h.A.t. T.a.L.k. I.s. C.h.E.a.P.)

nd` i'm rollin` with my
top down `seat `back
rollin` ` in my cadallac
self control knowing
right from rong is what
I ............ x ........... lAck

iM SicK oF Th3sE LiL BoYz
& Th3 GaM3Z tH3Y pLaY
3iThEr U WaNT M3 oR U dONT
-BoUnC3 oR StAy-

* im a little princess, not just an ordinary gurl, n this little princess,
will rock ur world, so jus sit back n enjoy the show, cuz once ur
with this cutie, ull never wanna let go, so b careful wit my heart,
n b gentle wit my mind, cuz this little princess is one of a kind*

theres no point in trying to
rush fate . the best thiNgs
iN life are worthh the wait

i could be your best kept secret
& your biggest mistake..<3 the only thing you'll get, is this curse on your lips - i hope they taste of me forever..
come on girls, try to take my man
and youll be running as fast as you can

no more time to be single
no more boys to mingle

material girl
who'll rock ya world

i got your back
if you got mine
but if you dont
the you best be watching yours

just shut up and kiss me
cause one day you'll miss me

Here's a penny...
go buy yourself a life,
and bring me back the change

I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me
He said I was being ridiculous
...everyone hasn't met me yet...

Amatuers built the Ark..professionals built the titanic
^^wats wrong with this picture?!?!?^^

I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh,
But I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry

SoMeTiMeS i THiNK iF i BLiNK..

SoMe PeoPLe LiVe iN a

i uSeD To HaVe a HaNDLe oN LiFe
BuT iT BRoKe

So MaNy BoyS-So LiTTLe TiMe....
BuT He CaN NeVeR Be MiNe

-*(your name)*-
not just a name attitude..

Nice package front and back, but having a boi is what i lack.

stressin' what? joqqin' who?
this is a different game now, it
ain't two thosand two.

this game is not about fashion or over priced shoes.
it's about intestinal fortitude; guts.
my mind is sharp and my will is iron.
i may not be the biggest player out there, but nothing is larger
than my determination becasue i came to play and
i will beat you every time.

just because i flirt, it don't mean
i'm a hoe, unlike most girls, i
learned to say "NO"

angel face. baby doll.
what they always wanted me to be.
i'm sick and tired of doing shit for other people,
now i'm gonna do just me.

yOuz HoOkEd On CrAcK
yOuz HoOkEd On WeED
yOuz HoOkEd On PhOnIcS
AnD yOu sTiLL cAnT rEaD

(( iM diStUrBeD eNoUgH aLrEaDy ))

·..·*¨)look at me now(¨*·..·»
(¨*·..·»tell me what you see«·..·*¨)
«·..·*¨)its a whole new game now(¨*·..·»
(¨*·..·»im not the girl i used to be«·..·*¨)
gRab yA guYz n gRab yA gurLz
sUmma'Z hErE nO nEeD to fEaR
lOng dAys sUnbaThiN'
leAn lEgs nEaTly sHavEn
wEar Ya tYte n KUtE clOthEz
cUz tRu bEaUtY rEaLlEe sHowZ

sPoT a HoTtiE oN dA bEacH
oNe yA rEallY waNnA mEeT
rOll yA tOUnGue n HaVe sOme fUn
mAybE he'LL bE Ya *nUmbA 1*

HoT sUn ×
FLiP FLoPs ShOrT sHoRtS ×
TaNk ToPs aLL dAy ×
aLL NiGhT PaRtYiNg ×
FooD FiGhTs SuNgLaSSeS ×
BeAcHGeAr gEt ReAdY ×
sUmmEr'S hErE! x

i WaNNa Be iN Da TiKi SPoT
WHeRe Da iSLaND BoyZ

i Be THe HoTTie By THe Sea
i Be THe BeauTy By THe oCeaN
iLL Be THe oNe To SHoW youR SuMMeR
a GReaT DeVoTioN

4GeT THe eDuKaTioN
STay iN THe SuN

iLL SHoW ya SuMMeR
a LiL SPiCe

LoNG DayS iN Da SaND
LooKiN aRouND To FiND a MaN
LayiNG ouT To GeT a TaN

NiTeS iN a CuTe LiL HuT
SuN STReaKeD HaiR aND a NiCe TaN
HaViNG THa FeeLiNG oF...
i DoNT GiVe a FuK

Thanks so much

Hey Hope you guys have fun here in my site, i love you guys alot for visiting