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Heres some Quotes to show how you feel!

You might call me rude
But this is what i feel
I ain't gonna stop being me
I'm gonna remain real

No ones gonna change you
And I won't even waste my time
I'm gonna find someone
Who will treat me right

You drink what you want
And smoke what you see
Acting like your real saying
Baby this is me
Quit trying to fit in
Cause your friends do it to
Don't hide behind your cloud of smoke
Cause it really isn't you
I can't believe how true this is
Even though you say your different
You fit the description perfectly
Tryin' to joqq my shyt?
didn't think so
'Cuz no matter what you copy,
you're still just a silly hoe.

While they dance, how she holds him
pulls him close.
while he counts down the days
till he lets her go.
it's the same old story
that everyone knows
one heart holdin' on
and the other lettin' go.
phatty girl lookin' so fly
i'll never settle for just one guy.

thugs beggin' me to "holla back"
'cuz this shortys got that shyt that their women lack.
do you expect me to sit at home waitin'
lonely by the phone
for your call after you been out all night
two words for you boy
... yeah right ...
we never leave eachothers side
it's like one makes the other survive

all the hoes drool over the men i get
while their girls are cryin'
"is it over yet?"

i'm not the type of girl to be all for one guy.
i prefer to be close with every boy passin' by.
i do what i want with 'em and then we're through
i'll move to the next inline
... maybe it'll be you ...

you know what bytch?
i'll date who i want, break who i want.
you all can't joqq this, can't stop this.
keep dreaming, you'll never top this.

they say good things come to those who wait,
but uh,
i'm still waiting.

i can picutre us on the floor,
boy you'd be beggin' me for more.

hip huggers, tight shirts.
high heels, short skirts.
rollin' in the club, and papis say "ooohwee"
while the hoes are mumblin, "damn, i wish that was me."

you give females a bad name.
walkin' around with that nasty fame.
your just a bytch who plays her game.
angry boys know who to blame.
girl you nasty, walkin' around dressed trashy.
hunny, where your class at?
you think you're hott shyt?
nah ho,
that's me.

please talk to my face,
last time i checked
.. my boobs can't hear ..

sexy little shorty... 100 percent.
tryin' to kill my rep ??
nah, you won't make a dent.

what's this sh!t you're tryin' to pull?
sounds to me like a whole bunch of bull.
you betta shut your mouth and you better do it fast
'cause i ain't gonna let your sh!t last.
you call me sh!t, i know, i know.
but too bad for you, i don't stoop that low.

there goes the girl with the greatest body
every where she goes guys break their necks and say "damn, you're a hottie"
she walks with her body, just a shakin', not even aware of all the guys she's takin'.
she's gotta body like heaven and curves that won't end,
playas wanna bow down and hoes wanna be her friend.
like missy elliott, lemme work it.
like trina, pull over 'cuz my ass is so phat.
like lil kim, i'm a queen bee,
there ain't no b!tch with a better body
no hoe can top me.

i want to taste your kiss with my glossed lips
slip your hands in the pockets of my jeans huggin' my hips.
unbuttoning my shirt slowly with your free hand,
whispering in my ear,
"baby, i wanna be your man."

sweet hunny, with the baby phat tee.
there's no hoe that looks better than me.
tight denim prada jeans rolled up to the knees
i can give you pleasure or just be a tease.
hair done up in corn rows, lookin' madd hott.
i ain't no prude, i'll give you what i got.

shes got those thugs in check for sure.
shakin' a little something, jaws drop to the floor.
knock out body with the sparklin' eyes.
she walks in the room, hoes roll their eyes.
jealous b!tch, 'cuz you ain't got no game?
sh!t, you hoes are all the same.
hatin' on the ones that got somethin' going, you
just mad 'cuz your ass ain't flowing.
ThA sKy Is bLaCk n ItS nItE
ThA mOoN iS oUt N tHa TiMe Is RiTe
Fo Me To pLaY wIt aLL dEm BoYz
N mEsS dEm Up LiKe LiL tOyZ
So TeLL mE sOn...U rEaDy YeT?
To HaNdLe Me ThA tRu PiMpEtTe

Im pLaYa Of ThA yEaR
pImPeTtE oF tHa SeAsOn
He LeFt U n Im ThA rEaSoN
tHeY SaY iM uP tO nO gOoD aNd I sHuD SeTtLe DoWn
BuT i DoNt WaNnA sTaY wIt JuS oNe MaN
cUz A pImPeTtE LiKe Me GoTtA sAmpLe WuTz aRoUnD

*SwEet-sExi-CuTe As cAn Be*
*Not EvEn Ja RuLe CaN PuT iT On mE*

~Me*N*MaH gIrLs ArE...mind shockn body rockin, earth shakin money makin, sittin high lookin fly hEaD tUrNiN StOmAcH cHurnInG, bOrN WiLd nAuGhTy cHiLd, cHiLL GiViN cRaZy LiViN kinda HOTTIEs

~I run mah game like monopoly so I dare one u bytches to land on or take mah property~

~ guys r fun ... so r toys ... but there aint nothin lyke thoes LaX bOys!!!!!

To all da haters:You think youre hot,but you know the deal...well its me and you know who be keeping it real!!

To everyone who eva calls me a b!tch I got somethin to tell you...
A B!tch has 4 legs I have 2...
B!tches say bow-wow i say fuk you...
iM dA SwEeTeSt bYtCh
YeW cAnT sToP sWeAtiN
BuT mOsT oF aLL
iM dA bYtCh yOu KnOw YoU aInT gEtTiN

Dont hate me just to hate me
Hate me cuz you aint me
Im the main attraction
Gettin all the satisfaction
Doing all the teasin
Gettin all the pleasin
Cuz I be shakin mah hips
While them boys be lickin their lips

All you girls think youre tough...
Well all your stuff aint that rough...
You think you know the deal...
But its me & my girls who be keepin it real

ThUgZ b SaYiN sHoRti
U rOcK mY wOrLd..
LeTz MaKe iT u aNd Me
4gEt AbOuT mUh GurL

iM a FLy AsS cHiCK..TrUsT mE bOo
iM dA GuRL u WaNnA gIvE yA LaSt namE tO..
LoVe iz wheN u CaNt pAy aTtEnTiOn in cLasS
CuZ aLL u Do iS wRiTe uR fIrSt nAmE wIt hIs LaSt

SwEeTa tHaN hUnNy
FiNeSt LiL mAmI
As EvErY gUy CaN TeLL

v PrEtTy iN [pInK]
BeAuTiFuL iN [bLuE]
GoRgEoUs iN [gReEn]
aNd a LiL [sExY] tOo
iT dUn MaTtA wUt CoLoRz oR sTyLeZ i rOcK]
CuZ u HaTaZ wILL nEvA hAvE wUt [i GoT]

F-ck the fake bytches that talk shyt
F-ck the people that spread shyt
F-ck the people that believe that shyt
You weren't the only one
having bunches of fun
I kept it on the down low
To bad you didn't know
We can show you how it's done
Cuz wid us- it's alla bout fun
We got the coolest guys
and the sexiest chicks
We're the class of
* 2 oh' oh' 6 *

*..ItZ nOt PmS..i JuSs DoN't LiKe YoU..*

*..Me AnD yOu..We CoULd MaKe It SoO hOt..SoO i GoT oNe QuEstiOn BaBe..WhY nOt?..*

*..REMINDER..HaTiN oN mE wOn'T mAkE yAh PrEtTy..*

*..ItZ kiNdA fUnNy HoW a HeArT iZ sHaPeD LiKe 2 UpSiDe DoWn TeAr DrOpZ..*

*..BYtChIn' AnD cHeAtIn'-Na DaT aIn'T mAh StYlE
TaLkIn' ShYt 'N' sTaYiN' Low-Na DaT sHyT's OfF dA dIaL
ReVenGe Is ThE oNlY oNe WoRtH dA wHiLe
So WhEn AlL u CaN dO iS tAlK 'n' DiSs
ReMeMbEr DiS~:~ReVeNgE iS a ByTcH..*

*..It TaKeZ sO LiTtLe 2 MaKe Me SmiLe..I LiKe It ThAt WaY..*

*..Do It 2DaY..CuZ iT miGhT bE iLLeGaL 2MoRrOw..*

*..i SuGgEsT u bE CaUtiOuS.. mY sTyLeS So sLiCk iT MaKeS
HoEeS NaUsEoUS.. YeT ThEy aLL LoVeE * KyLa *
CuZ sHeS GoRgEouS..*

*..I'm Da TrUe DyMe 4EvA gOnNa ShiNe..ThUgZ bEtTeR wiZe Up AnD rEaLiZe DaT diS huNnI iZ oNe oF a KiNd..*

*..He PuT hiS hAnD rOuNd My WaIsT aNd AsKeD mE hOw I * TaStE *..*

*..ChIcKeN hEaDs WaNna tALk LYK dEy kNo Us
WhEN iN rEaLiTy dEy CaNT cOmE nEaR uS
ByTcHeS gOtTA lEaRn wErE dA sHyT
n iTz tUfF sHyT..wE kNo DeY tHeY fEaR uS..*

*..HeZ mAH bOy aNd oNLy MInE
sO wHy u TrYiN hArD aS u CaN?
iN dA woRdZ of NiVeA
*DuN mEsS wIt mY MaN*..*

*..iM nOt tO YoUnG tO ReALiZe
iD bE dA bAbY gIrL tO LiGhT uP yA eYeZ
YoU gOtTa LeArN tHaT iMmA bE tHeRE
eVeN iF yOu dOnT wAnNa CaRe..*

*..BaBeS iS FuLLy EqUiPt GoT u LooKiN At Da HiPz
FeeNiN JuSs 2 KiSs mY LiPz..*

*..PiCtUrE ThE WaTcH AiNt pLaTiNuM Nd ThA RoCkS NoT bLuE
PiCtUrE U ByTcHeZ NoT KnOwiN HoW i DoO
PiCtUrE MeE BeTtA YeT PicTuRe YoU
DrAwiN A BeTtA PiCtUrE dEn ThE 1 i DrEw..*

*..MuH cELLy'Z riNgiN oFf DaH hOoK
SoMeTiMeS iT sUx LoOkiN diS gOoD..*

*..Me AnD mUh GuRLz RuN diS sHoW
aNd ALL u JeALoUz HoEz
ArE jUsS tRyiN tAh MaKe Us RuN SLoW..*

*..TaLk AbOuT uS aLl YoO wAnT
We JuSs KeEp WaLkIn Nd DoIn OuR tHiNg
WhIlE u StAnD tHeRe LoOkIn StUpId Nd WhIsPeRiN oUr NaMeS..*

*..iT*s sOo haRd tO bEe sTrOnG wHen u lOve
tHe tHinG tHat maKeS u tHe wEaKeSt..*

*..I'm So HoT..i'M sO fiNe..I'LL bE yOuR 6 If YoU bE mY 9..*


Hey Hope you guys have fun here in my site, i love you guys alot for visiting