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So much emotion
I just don't show
All the heartache and lies
Nobuddy ever cares to kno
Seems like Im alone
By mahself - This gurl
Nothings ever gunna change
Its me against the world..

SiNgLe MaMi
sTaNdiN RiTe HeRe
NooNe 2 HoLd ThA HaNd
SmiLeZ OvA MaH CoVeReD TeaRz

BoYz WiLL giVe yoU PaiN
HeaRTacHe - BiTTeRNeSS - & - LiEz
WheN iT CoMez 2 a ReLaTionShiP
Why ArE ThA LaDiEz ThA OnLi OnEz 2 TrY?


How can you promise that you're going to have the same feelings for someone forever?

..uR juSt BeTTa oFF aLoNe..

Yea - Sometimes I am a BiTCh
Yea - Otha times ima sWeeTi
at times I can be a LiL sLuT
otha times all i wanna do is CuDDLe
-This is mE-
& This is how i WaNNa bE

I was wrong to let you go
All i want is another chance
More than you could ever kno..

~ I see you lookin @ mE
BoY iM lookin @ yOu 2
YoU look like YoU could be EVERYTHING i NeEd
Just lemme be w/ YoU ~

A guy that loves himself for who he is
and isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in
-The kind of guy I need-

(o: I'm happy with who I am
I'm glad of how I turned out :o)
(o: I love myself & am proud of it
This is me & what I'm about :o)
My Girls are with Me All ThA TyMe*

Thru ThIcK nD ThIn nD All ThA CrImE*

LaDiEs nD GeNtLeMeN BeTTa MoVe OuT*

BcUz ThIs Is WhAt Me nD My GiRlS AbOuT!*

I mean what I say-->I Love You!

I Lyke dis B0y-->
I really d0-->
How c0uld I g0 0n w/0 my b00?-->
He d0esn't kn0w-->
But I want him t0-->
How c0uld I ever let him g0?-->
Friendz since the Start-->
But 0nly Friendz-->
Will he ever L0ve me w/ his Heart?-->

*°Cute n' SwEet°*
*°A liTTlE TrEaT°*
*°YeA ThAt's Me!°*

::.TwiSt n' TwIrL.::
.::SpOrTy GiRl::.
::.DanCe N' kIcK.::
.::ThaT'S tHe TriCk::.

Sand-->SuN-->Never Done!
Pool-->Flip.flopz-->Tank tOps!
Beach-->Tan-->Hand Held Fans

PaRtY StaRtin'
HaIr fliPpin'
ShOrT sHoRts
TaN bAbE

*Stephanie Heinlett* was getting ready for her date with her "Internet" boyfriend Alex one saturday night. Her parents had forbid her to see Alex but she disobeyed and one night, she sneaked out of her house to meet her online boyfriend. The only way she can go meet him out of state was through her best friend *Jennifer Rockfield*. Because Jennifer had a car, she can drive Stephanie to her online boyfriend (whom she never met before). Stephanie have had fantasies about this so-called boyfriend online when they talked on AOL. she was very very happy that she can finally meet Alex. Alex and her had said they loved each other ALOT and they have talked almost 4 hours each day on the internet with each other. Finally, when that day arrived, Stephanie grew really happy and quickly climbed out of her window of her house and left with a little bagage with 2 pairs of clothes and some food. She arrived at Jennifer's house since it was just a 10 minutes walking distance. There, they both drove out of state and went to the address in which alex supposidely lived. When they both arrived there, it was about 5 AM in the morning and soon, the sun was going to rise. The town the man lived in was very dark and dirty and the one the ugliest one they spotted happened to be Alex's. As Stephanie and Jennifer rang the doorbell, they expected a *FINE* boy to walk out, but it was the opposite. A man with a long beard and old and scary looking walked out and grabbed both of the girls in the house and locked the door. Then he raped both the girls. It had said while investigating the yellow torn house, the man first tied Jennifer to the chair but Jennifer was screaming so loud that Alex chopped off her thumb. While she was screaming, Alex raped Stephanie in front of Jennifer. Nobody did survive at the end because after Alex raped the two girls, he killed them and ran far away. To this day, no one knows where Alex is... in fact Alex isn't even his name. It is his grandson's name. Investigators have asked around and found out that his real name was Dave. Investigators believe that Dave had an alziemers disease and he lost much of his memory when his grandson Alex died. He loved Alex so much but he had died and Dave had to go on medication afterward. Many belived He was very lonely in his little housethat he wanted two lovely girls to play with. Investigators are still trying to track down where Dave could be. They have no more evidence whatsoever. Some more believe he couldve killed him self in a forest after he killed the girls because he wanted to meet Alex in heaven. The lesson of this story is to never go out with someone online you do not know. Remember -- results can be deadly and its better to be safe than sorry. * All names have been changed after the incident.

I wonder,
Does he think about me the way I do?
Does he dream about me the way I do?
Does he talk about me the way I do?
Does he wonder about me the way I do?
Does he fantasize about me the way I do?
Does he love me the way I do?
I wonder.

No guts
No glory
No brains
Same story

Internet boys – they all seem hott n fly
But guess what? They all tell lies

.:* Baby you're all that I want *:.
.:* When you're lyin' here in my arms *:.
.:* I'm findin' it hard to believe *:.
.:* We're in heaven *:.
.:* And love is all that I need *:.
.:* And I found it there in your heart *:.
.:* It isn't too hard to see *:.
.:* We're in heaven *:.
-Heaven --> DJ Sammy

It’s gonna be Love
It’s gonna be great
It’s gonna be more then I can take
It’s gonna be free
It’s gonna be real
It’s gonna change everything I feel
It’s gonna be sad
It’s gonna be true
It’s gonna be me baby
It’s gonna be you baby
It’s gonna be...Its gonna be Love
-It's Gonna Be Love --> Mandy Moore

All my life
I've been searching for you
So glad that I found you boy
All my life
I've been feeling for you
I'm so happy baby
Happy --> Ashanti

Baby don't cry
Hope ya got ya head up
Even when the road is hard
Never give up
-Baby Don't Cry --> Tupac


As we go on, we remember, all the times we, had together, and as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be, friends forever.
-Vitamin C --> The Graduation Song

Said I wouldn't walk away
Some days I want to stay
But leaving you is what I need to do to be okay
I never thought it would be true
Me living without you
So now it's time for me to make that move...
-JLo --> "Im Gonna Be Alright"

"Why do you hate me, I came from nothin, blood, sweat and tears, you did not create me, how could you doubt me? You know shit about me!"
-Eminem --> Dont Say My Name

If you love me let me know, if you dont let me go.

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