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Heres some quotes i know you guys will like

If you really Love something set it free,
if it comes back: it's meant 2 be,
if it doesn't- it never was

-*-Love is giving someone the ability to *destroy* you,
and t r u s t i n g them not to-*-

*Loving someone might mean taking chances, but they're worth taking..*

~If you judge have no time to Love them~

*Don't push anyone too hard, if it's meant to be, it will happen*

-*Love is when you dont wanna go to sleep
cuz (rEaLiTy) is better then a dream-*- <3

Sometimes you meet someone
and before you know their name,
before you know where they are from...
you know that sometime in the future
this person is going to mean something to you.

~Sometimes the person you really need..
is the one you didnt think you wanted~

...EvErYbOdY needs that SoMeBoDy....
*You* could be that SoMeBoDy that SoMeOne needs

-*-LoVe happens...When You Stop Looking For It-*-

Love is when you cry, when you laugh, when you smile...
* Love is when you dream *

-No One Can Tell Anyone What Love Is;
You Will Simply Know It When You Feel Nothing Else-

Guys can think it's all about cash with you but like J.Lo says "my love don't
cost a thing." Buying people things doesn't show them anything if the feelings
are really there they should show through your personal actions first before
the money steps in. Love doesn't have anything to do with money and money
doesn't have anything to with love and if it does you must not be in love...

~*~LoVe CaN SoMeTiMeZ bE MaGiC.
BuT MaGiC...CaN SoMeTiMes...
JuSt Be An iLLuSiOn~*~

~Love starts with a SMILE, grows with a KISS, and ends with a TEAR~

When in Love: be fair & honest, even when it hurts.

Just because lips have *MeT*
Dont mean hearts have *JoiNed*

Life takes you somewhere, Love helps you get there.

~*~Love means never having to say your sorry~*~

Love is patient and kind
It is never jealous.
Love is never boastful
Nor conceited.
It is never rude or selfish.
It does not take offense and is not resentful.
Love takes no pleasure in other peoples sins
But the lights and the truth.
Its is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope,
And endure whatever comes.

-To say that you can love one person for the rest of your life?
is like saying that one candle will continue to burn for as long as you live-

*True Love is not 2 souls coming together,
But it's one soul...finding it's other half*

*LoVe is the SwEeTeSt of DrEaMs, & the WoRsT of NiGhTmArEs*

Love comes and goes.
But, love doesn't come to dirty hoez.
It doesn't come to those who play.
So be a good girl everyday.

...LoVe is like *quicksand*...
ThE DeEpEr YoU FaLL, ThE hArDeR iT iS To GeT OuT

Go ahead and say it: I Love You
You can say it a *thousand* timez
But -true- Love doesn't need to be told

~*Time doesn't matter, Love is *forever*~

*Love is like a butterfly,*
*HoLd it too Tight, It'll crush*
*HoLd it too Loose, It'll fly*

-Love can make you do things that you *never* thought possible-

~Love isn't something *dreamers* look for in reality~
~Its something *reality* looks for in dreamers~

You don't have to Love in words
even through the silence,
Love is always heard.

-Hearts will never be practial,
untill they can be made *unbreakable*-

-True love can't be found where it doesn't truly exist,
NoR can it be *HiDdEn* where it truly does-

LoVe caN RiP yOu ApArT
BuT iF uR LuCKy
iT cAn aLsO pUt u BaCk ToGeThEr

Immature Love sayz:: i Love you because i Need you
Mature Love sayz:: i Need you because I Love you

-*If you fall in love, make sure there is somebody there to *catch* you*-

Love....It's incredible!

*Love arrives as a tiptoe, but slams the door as it leaves*

*In love, it should never matter if you are the first,*
*for it is more important that you are the last*


FoReVeR i wiLL *LoVe* you
YeT To LoVe yOu MaKeS Me *CrY*
So FoReVeR I WiLL LoVe YoU
& FoReVeR i sHaLL CrY

If you asked me how I'm doing - I'd say just fine
But the truth is baby, if you could read my mind
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you
After all this time you're still with me?it's true

~*Me? I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of who i am, What i saw,
What i did, but most of all..I'm scared of walking out of this room, and never
feeling, for the rest of my life, the way i feel when im with you.*~

Even if he doesnt like me tomorrow,
I knew he loved me yesterday...
* tell my heart to stop beatin *
* tell my mind to stop thinkin *
* throw a stone in tha ocean.. *
* and tell it to stop sinking *
* tell tha sky not to be so blu*
* its like tellin me not to be *
-In LoVe WiTh YoU-

*JUST [O n C e <3] i want to be
_[H a R d . t 0 . L e a V e x/3]
_i want someone to stay up
[ a L L . N i G h T] thinking of [ me <3]

LoVe iS RaRe, LiFe Is StRaNgE--NoThInG LaStS AnD PeOpLe ChAnGe

~I love you, alwayz will, and I'm sorry for all I've done~
~You'll always be in my *heart* and you'll always be number one~

*You may not love me today, tomorrow...or ever
But i will love you until it kills me...
and even then...*you will be in my heart*

I'm tired of falling for guysz and
getting hurt . for once i wannah
fall ' . and n o t g e t h u r t *

Love is almost like -S u i c i d e-
You give so much to that special someone ...
that you sometimez end up killing yourself inside

You know you love someone
When the mere thought of hurting them
is enough to break your own heart....

*Love is like Heaven...but it can *hurt* like Hell*

-*-Never be scared to tell someone you love them, they may
break your heart, but you may break theirs if you don?t-*-

If you love someone, tell them...
for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.

Half Of MaH HaRt Is StiLL StUCk On HiM
thE OtHeR HaLf On YoU
WiThOuT BreAkiNG MuH HeArt..
hOw Do i FiNd OuT WhO?

* L o V e *
Its hard 2 Find...Easy 2 lose
Makes you feel good...but *hurts* so bad
opens your eyes but makes you {blind}
fills up your heart & tears it a p a r t

LuV iS LiKe HoLding Ur BreaTh * SooNer oR LaTeR yU HaFta LeT Go

WhEn iNsIdE i'M cRyIn
iT'Z aLwAyZ uR nUmBa
DaT i Be DiALiN

Love can make you *happy* but often times it {hurts}
but love is only special when you give it to who it's worth

I see you next to never, how can we say forever..
wherever you go, whatever you do,
i will be right here waiting for you,
whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks,
i will be right here waiting for you...

*I'll alwayz love you, even if time findz me somebody new,
you were my first love, from the first kiss to the last tear*

I wish I could say I hate you but that would be a lie.
I know I'll always love you and I'll always wonder why.

If you are not ready to cry,
if you are not ready to take a risk,
if you are not ready to feel the pain....
then you are not ready to fall in love.

...True love is like ghosts...
which everyone talks about but only few have seen

The last time my heart was broken i thought that it was through,
i swore i'd never love again and i believed that this was true.
But then you walked into my life again and the second your eyes met mine,
i knew you were worth loving at least another time.

*They say love is hiding in every corner...
well...i must be walking in circles*

I do my thing...You do your thing,
I am me...You are you,
and if in the end we end up together..
then it truly was meant to be.

All those nights when you were mine,
i took it for granted and didn?t think twice,
i love you so much, i didn't know at the time,
that you were the *meant to be* in my life
I'll always regret that night on the phone,
telling you that you were just like the rest,
i said i didn't love you and thought we should be friends,
now i just wanna tell you...* you're the best *

LoVe iS LyK wAr...VeRy eAsY tO sTaRt BuT vErY hArD tO eNd

Love is so [[overrated]]
It leaves u *devastated*

y0u aLmoSt haD me tHinkIn,
yOu weRe turNed aRound
but evEry bOdy knOws
| AlmOst . dOesn`T . CouNt |

baby i would do anythinq for you.
i'd neva trade anything* for your kiss*, for your hug.
i've dreamed of you for a long* time'
and don't want anybody else, but you.

You'll find the {right} guy,
the one that tells you he dreams about [y][o][u]
-->That's the one you want to be with.

Once you have one's love, don't ask for more,
because you have what is truly worth livin for.

Even though a kiss is very good...
there is a moment right before you begin that is even better.

Those nights you can't sleep,
you just might be in someone elses dream.

When you smiled, you had my undivided attention,
when you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you,
when you cried, you had my urge to hold you, and
when you said that you loved me, you had my heart forever.

If only there was one more day,
if only you didn't walk away,
if only we could stay right here *Forever*

We showed each other how to smile,
even when life wasn't worth while.

y0u'Re KiSsAbLe aNd CuDdLy
y0u'Re LoBabLe aNd SwEeT
y0u tHriLL mE eVeRy MiNuTe
aNd SwEep Me oFf My fEeT
YoU'rE cHaRmiNg aNd DiSaRmiNg
DeSiRaBLe aNd tRuE
YoU iNsPiRe aNd iMpReSs Me
and tHaT's wHy I LuV y0u

Love isnt about the hugs n kisses or the "i love yous" or the "i miss yous"..
it's about the butterflies u get and the chills that run down your
spine..that pain u get when he walks away and . u dont know why.

Love is love, love is you, I love love, so I love you.

When i wake up in the morning...its you
When i can't sleep at night...its you
When i'm tossin and turnin...its you
When my body's yearnin...its you
When i'm not with you..i miss you
and when im with you, i just wanna kiss you.

When I First Saw You I Knew It Was True
I Was MeanT 2 Fall In *LoVe* With You

*When i close my eyez,
you are by my side
and i can picture us *together*
Every night i pray there will be a way
that we can make this last forever..*

i LoVe yOu
i NeEd yOu
i wAnT yOu
*i. C a n t. L i v e. W i t h o u t. Y o u*

His strong hands pulled me close to him,
as one we climbed above,
i realized i had fallen safe,
[[ into the arms of love ]]

To mE LoVe iS tHe sPaRkLe iN yOuR eYeS
ThA sWeEt SoUnD oF uR vOiCe
ThA cUtE wAy U LoOk wEn U LauGh
ThA wAy U sMeLL So WoNdErFuL, nO mAtTa WuT
tHa FeeLiN i gEt wEn Ur cLoSe 2 Me
tHa WaY i TaLk BoUt U aLL ThA TiMe
ThA wAy I cAn'T gO 1 mIn WiToUt ThYnKiN oF u
ThA wAy I wAnT 2 bE WiTh u EvErY MiNuTe oF mY LiFe
N eVeRyThInG rEmInDz Me Of U
aLL ToGeThEr 2 Me...LuV iZ u N i KnOw i LoVe u

Like Jagged Edge said your the best i had,
like Usher cried i got it bad,
like KC & JoJo I'm still goin crazy,
and like Mariah you'll alwayz be my baby!

Always be first to initiate,
never be the first to let go.

Tryin to explain my l0ve
f0r y0u. is like tryin t0
explain c0lorz t0 a blind
pers0n.. it`z just
i m p O s i b L e

boy wrap your arms around me,
an hold me tight in the middle of the night
i'll make you feel alright.

Every day I thank god that I met you
You are my everything, my world, my soul, my heart
I don't know where I would be without you
So baby I never want to be apart

*..I Looked At You As A Friend..
Then I Realized That I Love You Again..*

If you cant get someone off your mind,
chances are, they're suppose to be there

I Love how I fall into his arms after a long day
-;- How he looks into my eyes, and tells me -
- *. everythings gonna be okay .* -
How he holds me in his arms,
and kisses me when i {cry}.
aNd no matter what happens
** He's always by my side **

You are like air
I always need you
And I can't live without you

when we t0gether it feels s0 rite
y0ur the b0y ive been l0okin f0r my wh0le life

In life you'll find one person who'll touch you in a way,
that will forever change you, & for me that person is you.

I never knew what love was until I met you.
I never saw anything amazing until I saw you.
I never wanted anything more until I wanted you.

tell me its real
this feeling that we feel
tell me that its real
don't let love come just to pass us by
try.. is all we have to do
it's up to me & you
to make this special love
last forever more

"I have said nothing because there is nothing I can say that
would describe how I feel as perfectly as you deserve it."

If I could have 3 wishes, I wouldn't wish for the stars, the moon,
the riches and this life. But for 25 hours a day, 8 days a week,
and 13 months a year to spend a longer time with you.

.:+I'm dreaming of you tonight +:.

*I'd climb the highest mountain, just to see you smile.
I'd swim the ocean, just to hold your hand.
I'd run a million miles, just to be with you forever.

Sometimes you speak with your eyes,
because you know that words can not explain the love you keep inside.

.Forever. meant nothing to me, until I met you...

We live so far apart
So when I can't hold you in my arms
I hold you in my heart

Never will I forget the time I spent with you.
For I will always find *you* in my heart,
as I hope you will always find me in yours.

*I love you because I can't remember what life was like
...before I had you.*

Every time I kiss you,
it's like the first time,
it takes my breath away.

~A kiss was designed for when words become unnecessary~

Lookin in your eyes- seeing all I need
Everything you are is everything to me
These are the moments I know heaven must exist
These are the moments I know all I need is this
I have all I've waited for And I could not ask for more

Every night with you,
You make it seem like the first night,
you haven't changed a bit
and that's something i wouldn't change for a thing

Every moment spent with you is every one of my dreams coming true.

*I'll think of him and remember his smooth voice and
beautiful eyes and can't imagine myself with anyone else.*

~I never knew that I could want someone so *much*

*No matter what I do,*
*all I think about is you*

Anytime you need love baby I'm on your side
Just let me be the one that can make it all right
Anytime you need love baby you're in my heart

I don't need a *dream*...I got you.

<3 I'd do anything jus to hold u in my arms <3

I've Noticed That Being With You,
I Smile a Little More Often.
I Anger a Little Less Quickly.
The Sun Shines a Little Brighter,
and Life is so Much Sweeter.

i've waited so long
to feel the touch of your lips
the love of your heart
the taste of your kiss

*i'm gunna love you till the heavens start to rain,
i'm gunna love you till the stars fall from the sky*

*If every word I said could make you laugh, I'd talk forever.

I'm trying not to smile
But my heart wont let me stop

Not many boys can take my breath away
But don?t even have to try

*I'm gonna buy you 11 roses so when you look in the mirror
you will see the 12 most beautiful things in the world.*

I'd give my life for you in a minute,
cause I can't picture my life without you in it.

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life,
.:.Love gives us a fairytale.:.

Your my first thought every morning, And my last every nite.
You are the safety in my darkness, And the brightness in my lite.
Your face is sheer perfection, your shyness makes me want you more.
Your just a perfect sight. I only hope that u love me as much as I love u,
cause u and I were meant to be, as 1 instead of 2.

There is no me [ w i t h o u t ] you


i Luv the way you talk and the way you smell*
*Neva thought i'd be trippin ova you ..but damn..i fell..*

BoY nO mAtTa WhAt i Do
My hEaRt WiLL fOrEvEr bELoNg tO yOu

*Love can touch just one time, but it can last for a *lifetime*

-my anti-drug-

WiTh yOu bAby i fEeL LyK i`M LiViN` a DrEaM
iTs ThA bEsT dReAm I eVer HaD
`n i HoPe iT nEvA eVa eNds

-*-With a thousand different voices ringing in my ear.
Listen to tha whisper only the heart can hear-*-

Lying next to you
I feel your heart beat against mine
And it makes me smile
Cause they beat [ t o g e t h e r ]

*Last night i looked up at the *stars*
& matched each one with a reason why i love you...
& i was doing great...until i ran out of *stars*

My Heart Beats Faster
Every time You Walk By,
My Eyes *Sparkle*
Every Time I Hear Your Voice,
And I Love You More
Every time You Smile At Me!

i`m starry eyed for you
i`m crazy for you
i cant [ l i v e ] without [ y o u ]

~We come to love not by finding a *perfect* person
But by *learning* to see an imperfect person...PeRfeCtLy~

When I look into your eyes
my whole world feels so right
But to me it's no surprise
Cuz ur the *best* thing in my life

Seduce my -mind- and you can have my body,
*find* my soul and I'm yours forever

*My love starts at Forever and ends at Never *

I hated the rain till I danced with u...
& like the rain I fell 4 u...

Love puts the fun in *together*
The sad in ::apart::
The hope in {tomorrow}
The joy in the heart

*Every time our eyes meet*
*tHis feeLin iNside me*
*is aLmOst mOre thaN i kan take*

Words begin with ABC
Numbers begin with 123
Music begins with DO RE MI
But *true love* begins with YoU & Me

Your *heart* is safe with me, I'll never hurt you...I'll be there
through everything, I won't make you cry...I know this world is cold,
but in my arms you'll see...That your heart is safe with me..

Don't fall in luv wit tha illusion,
illusions are confusin, be in luv wit da reality!

.aLl I Do.. ..IS tHiNk..
..oF YoU CuZ ThE FeELiNgs..
.I HaVe ArE sO vErY trUe.
.EaCh dAy I wAiT tIlL wHeN.
..i CaN tElL u ThAt I..
..LoVe YoU CuZ..
..BaBy iTs aLl..
.. yEw ..

*Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay.*
*Love isn't love until you give it away.*

~*Close your eyes and take the fall.*~
-If it's really love then there's no risk at all.-

EvErY LiTtLe ThiNg He DoEs is ||MaGiC||
EvErY tHiNg He DoEs JuSt TuRnS mE oN
Ya KnOw My LiFe BeFoRe WaS *tRaGiC*
BuT mY -LoVe- FoR hiM gOeS oN

When ur heart is in your dream
no request is too e x t r e m e

LOVE: The irresistable desire to be irresistibly desired.

..* I love you more than you will ever know,
but its just hard to let it show*..

wHaTz tOmMy wiThOuT cHucKy?
sTeve wiThoUt bLue?
SponGebOb wiThOuT pAtRick?

He makes me shine, he's so divine,
I love him so much, I break out in rhyme,
He's all I can think of, he's all that is *true*
Perhaps, that's why, I love you and everything you do.

* a rose is fragile...just like my heart...
if you let it go, it will fall apart..
safe from harm, frozen in time...
i`ll always be yours and you will always be mine...
never can i express how much i love you...
by everyday that goes by...i`ll show you i do.

Something in ur eyes just seems to *hypnotize*
every time i look at u i get butterflies


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