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Ten Reasons To Date A Volleyball Player

10. We know how to hit all the right zones.
9. Did anyone say spandex?
8. We always scream and yell.
7. We're always on top of the balls.
6. We do it in 6 different positions.. repeatedly.
5. We don't stop till we score.
4. We're down low and ready.
3. Not only do we tap that.. we hit that.. HARD
2. We know when to ease up and when to push harder.
1. Being on our knees doesn't bother us.


Basketball Player
10. Kicking Butt is the Same Way As Smacking It
9. We know how to get low
8. We score on a regular basis
7. We know how to get into the game
6. Some wear knee pads for a reason
5. We like getting hot and sweaty
4. We like it long and hard
3. We work well with balls
2. We do it in 6 different positions in many different Plays
1. We like going up the middle

^^those r icky but for ppl there not?? idk


A ring is round right?
It has no end
That’s how long
We’re going to be best friends

People say best friends
Are hard to find
That’s because the best
Are already mine
A best friendship is when two friends
Can walk in opposite directions
Yet remain side by side

I Wrote Your Name In The Sand
And The Water Washed It Away
I Wrote Your Name In My Heart
And Forever It Will Stay

I’m here for you when you need help,
When you cry,
When you try and don’t make it,
When guys are being retarded
And people aren’t helping you out
Look to me and I’ll help you
I’m here for you when you cry and
I’ll be here to help you,
Until the day that I die.

My best friends are Like a Fairy Tale
They been there since once upon a time
And will be there until forever after.

Some friends will ask you
Why you’re crying but
Best Friends will know exactly why
And then go kick his butt.

I'm afraid of loving you,
'cause the next step is losing you,
and my heart couldn't do that.

I am so0 afraid t0 get close t0 anyone.
There is this side 0f me, only I sees 'me'.
I was ready t0 show you and y0u backed away.
Now I am a closet with0ut a key.
You'd have l0ved me if you saw the real me.

The idea of being with you always made me happy ...
until I realized you were perfect for it just makes me scared.

I've been trying not to love you, I've been putting up a fight.
I've been barely holding on and letting go with all my might.
There's a part of me that's empty, I know only love can fill.
I'm afraid I'll never find it and scared to death I will.

Maybe I'm scared to say
.:.I'm falling for you.:.<3

Every night I pray to God that the things you say are true,
because I'm so afraid that I'm going to lose you.

There's so much I can't say when I look in your eyes,
I'm worried you'll reject me, and hurt my foolish pride,
Each day this love grows stronger but I could never let you know,
There is so much behind my smile, that I could never show,
I'd hold you for a lifetime if you would only let me in,
I'd love you like no other, but you don't understand.
Every time I see you, your holdin' on to her,
The pains like a knife, cutin' deep inside my soul,
So I'll dream of us together of just how it could be
and all that you are will remain a silent part of me.

We have lived a lifetime most couples never know, and yet, when I look at
you, I am frightened by the knowledge that all this will be ending soon.

I'm shaking at your touch, I like you way too much..
my baby, I'm afraid I'm falling [f o r y o u]

I've never been as confident of anything in my entire life as I am
about 'us'. And well, frankly, that makes me a little scared.

I am afraid to show you who I really am,
because if I show you who I really am,
you might not like it... and that's all I got.

Even in the freezing night air, you wouldn't keep me warm for
fear that being so close to me, something would happen between us.

You mean so much to me, that I'm scared to close my eyes and open them
and see that you're not there. And I'm scared to leave them open to
see you leaving me.

I lose my step, I lose my ground.
I lose myself when you're around.
I'm holding on for my life
to keep from drowning in your eyes.

It's getting weird, I used to be able to say anything to you and do anything around
you. Now I just avoid you for fear of falling for you more than I already have.

I don't know why I'm so afraid to lose you
...when you aren't even mine..

You're so afraid to continue what we have, you know something's there, you feel
just as much as I do when you touch me, you like it just as much as I do when
you kiss me, it's just your pulling away now because you know that if you don't pull
away soon you might find yourself falling in love and I don't think you're prepared for that.

I'm afraid that I'm not enough for you, and I never will be, and if I do this, you'll
realize that you've grown way beyond me and I'm just going to lose you again.

The first time I saw you I was afraid to talk to you.
The first time I talked to you, I was afraid to kiss you.
The first time I kissed you, I was afraid to love you.
Now that I love you, I am afraid of losing you.

But now, these days...I just can't say as much as I want to your face.
I've become scared to death of what you'll say back.

We can't be together, you deserve someone so much better than me, and you
know it, and it kills me that you know it. I can't handle being in a relationship
...constantly scared that you're going to find that someone who you deserve.

Every guy is afraid of something.
That’s how you know he loves you.
*When he’s afraid of losing you.*

I'm afraid to admit that I'm in love with you, but I can't forget your
eyes and I can't stop feeling your lips; your words keep echoing in
my head and you always make me weak. I don't want to mean
it when I say, 'I love you', but I can't help it.

I never wanna fly, never want to leave,
I never want to say what you mean to me.
I never wanna run, frightened to believe,
you're the best thing about me.

My body trembles.. I shouldn’t be shaking.. I am afraid.. I am so deathly
afraid.. I am scared that you are going to walk out that door, out of my life,
out of my heart, and never look back. You are going to realize what everyone
else has. It just takes time. You are going to wake up one day and realize
that you can do so much better and you are going to gather your
things and walk away and never ever look back.

--I close my eyes and it's so real --
--and all at once I know just what I feel --
--And baby it's the kind of rush that terrifies.--

Heartache, heartbreak, having to say goodbye,
these are the things I hope never happen when I look into your eyes.

Maybe the deepest part of who we are is what scares us or breaks
our hearts and we don't want to share that with anyone and when
we do, we don't want to lose those people.

Love won't wait for you forever. If you let everything pass you by, you'll
never find out how beautiful life can really be. Don't be afraid to get hurt;
if you don't risk something you'll never gain anything.

I'm scared t0 g0 back t0 what we were,
but I'm afraid 0f g0ing forward. * *

I'm afraid to move. I'm so scared that this feeling will leave me as quickly as it
came. I am so afraid that I will be alone once again. I am so terrified that my
heart is going to break. I am so scared that I'm going to be the one picking
up the pieces of my broken life once again. I’m just scared..


k+†r+Rhl=rmr 4 l

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