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Here's what I think...



She loved him so much, it seemed so right
To have sex for just one night.
They were so young and carefree
Until that baby made them see
Life isn't all fun and games
It takes hard work, struggle and pain.
But she was young, her life was torn
She decided the baby wouldn't be born.
She killed the child for her own life
By simply going under the knife.
And now it's gone, her boyfriend's too.
She has nothing anymore to do.
She was selfish for killing that baby.
A priceless life was taken.
And in the end she's nothing, wrong and mistaken.
That baby could have made a difference,
become a doctor or a wife.
But now it's dead, and she's alone.
Because she went under the knife.

Abortions are icky

Abortions are so not right there gross and wrong!

My Opinions on Current Events

Hey well i think Gorge Bush is doing really well as presendt dont you?? you may not, but thats okay, i think hes pretty much one of the best presients by not allowing Abortions, but the thing i disagree on is Not Allowing Gay Marages....i think Gay People should have the same rights as everyone else, there still people and they have feelings, what is wrong w/ that?...whatever its okay for your oppinion...

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.

Hey Hope you guys have fun here in my site, i love you guys alot for visiting