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These Quotes Are about friends, i love my girls and my boys!!

~A moment of anger can destroy a friendship that took a lifetime to build.~

~:-We ShOwEd EaCh OtHeR HoW 2 SmiLe-:~
~:-EvEn WheN LiFe WaSn'T WoRtHWhiLe-:~

CaNt Be rEpLaCeD
NoBoDy CaN Do wHaT YoU Do
NoThInG CaN cHaNgE
My fRiEnDsHiP WiTh YoU

If you died tomorrow, I'd be the first person to miss you.
If you cried over a boyfriend, I'd be the first person to call & make it better.
If you needed a buck, I'd be the first one to lend fact, I'd give you 2.
If you needed anything, I'd be the first person to give it to you.
If I asked you to do for me what I'd do for you, would you?

*Friends are the family we choose*

It doesn't matter where you Go or what you HaVe,
::but {who} you have beside you::

"A good friend allows you a safe place to share your deepest thoughts and needs--
without worry of being judged, criticized, or made to feel silly for feeling the way you do."

EveRy TeAr...EvErY SmiLe
PrOvEs OuR FriEnsHiP WoRtHwHiLe

All the late night g i g g l e fests...
The times we were c.a.u.g.h.t. sneaking out...
The phone calls that lasted for hours...
All the s*o*n*g*s we'd memorized...
All the tears we've cried...
All our inside jokes...
And our 'Ladies Nights Out'
All our broken hearts...
And hearts that we have broken...
Through it all...
You've been right there...
Nothing can replace these {wonderful} times we've shared.
-BeSt FrIeNdS FoReVa-

When your *up*,your friends know who you are.
When you're *down*, you know who your friends are.

A true friend is the person who is there to pick you up when you *fall*,
or to {carry} you, when you can no longer walk

The relationship between best friends is an understanding.

You don't always have to be together, you just know you always can be together.
Friendship is like china,
*costly, rich, and rare*
When broken it can be mended...
but the crack is always there.

If I could give you one gift my friend,
I'd give you the gift to see yourself as others see you,
so you would know how very special you are.

N E iDiOt oUtTa ThEiR RyT MiNd..
kNo*z DaT mE N mAh GuRlZ r WuN oF a KiNd

A friend will *strengthen* you with her prayers,
-bless- you with her love,
and encourage you with her {HoPe}

Friends are like good bras...
Supportive, hard to find, and close to your heart.

I got my girls shining with me and crying with me.
And after all the sh*t I put them through,
I love the fact that they're still -true-

Me and my girls are like stars. ~We're gonna shine FOREVA!~

Me And My Girls Don't Turn Heads..We Break Necks!

AiN't nO sToPPiN' uS AiN't nO ToPPiN' uS

We Da UnBeAtAbLe..Da UnBeLiEvAbLe
GeT iT oFF yOuR cHeSt
Me aNd mY gYrLs aRe dA BeSt!

~The road to a friend's house is never long.~

Friends may CoMe and Go, but enemies *ccumulate*.

~Friends are like wine....they get better with age.~

My gUrLs GiVe tHe MeAnInG oF tRuE ((fRiEnDsHiP))
tHrU tHiCk & tHiN & aLL tHe ShYt
tHeY*d bAcK mE uP iN aN iNsTaNt

* wE dO nOtHiNg aLoNe *
EvErYtHiN ToGeThA tHaTs cUz wE'LL bE BeSt FriEnDs FoReVa

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adue
I'd like to introduce the ladiez that stayed *tru*

YoU gUyS r ThErE tO GiVe mE aDviCe
To BaCk mE uP wHeN tHeY sTaRt To FiGhT
pHoNe cOnVeRsAtiOnS ruNniN LaTe aT NiGhT
uR fOrEvA mY gIrLs & FoReVa sO RiGhT
We tease, We please, We flirt, We Crush,
Me and My Girls are the Washington Rush!

*You know how they say real friends don't stab you in
the back, they stab you in the front? Well, I say that *real*
friends don't stab you at all & they don't carry knives.*

I met you as a stranger, I took you as a friend,
I hope we meet where our friendship will *never* end

My friend, my companion, through good times and bad, my friend,
my buddy, through happy and sad, beside me you stand, beside me you walk,
you're there to listen,you're there to talk, with happiness,
with smiles, with pain and tears, I now you'll be there, throughout the years.

My HeArT-Ma WoRLd-Ma LyF My 4eVa CrU
YoUz GiVe Da TrU MeAniN oF FRiEnDsHiP

When your life falls apart always remember that I will be the
one who will stay to help you pick the pieces up and when the
rest of the world walks out on you remember not to close the
door because I am the one who will be walking in to help you through it all.
::I am your BeSt Friend::

Life without a friend is like death without a witness.

{True} friends are the people who
brighten your smile *everytime* your with them.

:: I consider you my blood and it don't come no thicker ::

Who says there aint no miraclez?
There are friends arn't there?

A friendship is like a gold chain..each link is a memory from past to present..
Never let the chain break or else the friendship will be gone..
Remember- gold is as valuable as the friendship is.

*A person with no friends is like a tree without its roots*

*~ Me 'N' mY gUrLz *
* We Be MiNd ShOcKiN ** BoDy RoCkiN *
* RumP sHaCkiN * * MoNeY mAkiN *
* SiTTiN HiGh * * LooKiN fLy *
* LoOk At Us * * We So DaMn HoTt *
* We Be ChiLLiN * * In OuR #1 SpOt *
* CaLL Us YoUr HiGhNeSsEs * * CuZ' wE'Re MG's FiNeSt!

yOuNG N rEbELiOuS wHo bEttEr tHeN uS?
nOt A Soul wErE oUttA cOntRoL
*YaLL cANt StOp Us*

*..We HaVeN't BeEn FriEnDz SiNcE dOsE pRe-SkoOL dAyZ
*..bUt We'Ve GrOwN tOgEtHeR iN sOoO MaNy WaYz..*

~Friends don't let friends drink and take home ugly men~

yeS i MuST CoNFeSS..
you SiMPLy aRe *THe BeST*

Thanks to all my friend i love you guys to death...u know who u r!

Hey Hope you guys have fun here in my site, i love you guys alot for visiting